Rennee Colette Hochstadt

Medilodge, My Home Away From Home…

Why I choose Medilodge for my Rehabilitation Center? Let me count the ways. First and foremost, through prayer, I was blessed to make connections with Jackie, Director in Admissions, who helped me to make the right choice to rehab at Medilodge from reconstructive hip surgery. Jackie was my guiding light for months before surgery, during the 3 weeks that I spent at Medilodge, until the day that I was discharged. Jackie was Johnny on the Spot in assisting me with my business obligations concerning copying, faxing, printing and emailing important deadline documents. Even, on the day that I was discharged, she printed out a FedEx label because I don’t have a printer at home which saved me $50 on a deadline return. I am so appreciative to Jackie for being there for me in every way. I attribute my recovery to the skilled Therapy Team who worked diligently with the Nursing Staff to ensure that my pain medication was scheduled which was vital for me to achieve maximum progress in therapy. Jen in Scheduling was so accommodating in scheduling my post surgery and dentist appointments. I send a warm shout out to the entire nursing assistants aides which are to many to name who were so compassionate and treated me like family. Chef Olivia went beyond the call of duty to personalize the meals that she and her kitchen team served to the residents. Medilodge spoiled me because the first thing that I missed when I got home was having my meals prepared and delivered to me. Thanks to JoAnn in housekeeping who helped me to finish packing and loaded my belongings on the luggage cart. Thankfully, she found clothing that I did not realize I had left on the top closet shelf. A grateful shout out to Bob the Nurses Assistant aide who found my pillow that I had brought from home and put on the luggage cart just before I left. Also, many thanks to Ericka at the front desk, who called me after I got home to inform me that I had left some mail in a drawer and that they would be forwarding it to me. I made many friends with the Country Club like atmosphere at Medilodge. For which, I am eternally grateful since Medilodge is literally going to be my home away from the house as I recover during the next year, from another hip surgery and 2 knee surgeries.

In conclusion, Ephesians 2:20 says “ Glory be to God! By His mighty power that works within us, He is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope.” This promise prayer was more than answered during my exceptional recovery stay at Medilodge.

Rennee Colette Hochstadt

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